If you receive the goods, please carefully open the product packaging without damaging the products. Please be careful because the product is damaged due to the negligent opening of the package. In this case, we reserve the right to claim compensation for the damage caused upon returning the goods.

1.2. If the customer discovers that the goods have been sent incorrectly or defective or that the goods do not reach the customer in good condition and in a closed package, the seller must be immediately informed by sending an e-mail to info@blackpepper.ee

We are responsible for the goods purchased during transportation. From the moment the goods are received, the risk of damage or loss of the goods is transferred to the customer.

2.1. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the goods (upon receipt of the notification of arrival of the goods in the SmartPOST parcel terminal, except in the case of defects in the product, see Section 7).

2.2. Since we are guided by paperless business, to return the goods, the customer can inform us via the contact module of blackpepper.ee http://blackpepper.ee/est/black-pepper/kontakt/ of his wish to withdraw from the contract. The cost of returning the goods will be borne by the customer. To return, please send the goods to Järve Selver Smartmail or Omniva parcel terminal. The recipient is Kvarts Trading OÜ and the contact phone number is 5246207.

2.3. The Customer is obliged to return the goods to the Seller at the latest within 14 days after the withdrawal application is made.

2.4. The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal if the goods are unused (the suitability of the goods may be tried and used for inspection purposes) and undamaged. We recommend to the customer all the goods he recommends to return, return or deliver at one time. We recommend returning the goods in the original shipping package.

3.5. According to the Law of Obligations Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to goods which by their nature cannot be returned (eg, underwear from the packaging, swimwear, sunglasses, socks, cosmetics for open packaging, hygiene products for perfumes, foodstuffs and beverages).

3.6. If the customer has withdrawn from the transaction, the seller shall return the purchase amount to the customer in accordance with clause 6.2 of the terms of sale, within 7 calendar days from the return of the goods to the seller. The refund will be made to the same bank account from which the purchase was made.

3.7. If the Customer has deliberately damaged or damaged the Goods to be returned or due to negligence, the Seller has the right to refuse to take back the Goods or to demand compensation for the damage caused.


47.1. The Seller is responsible for the non-conformity of the purchased goods within 2 years from the delivery of the goods to the customer. In the case of the sale of the goods to the consumer, it is assumed that the non-compliance with the terms of the contract, which appeared within 6 months from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer, was present at the time of transfer of the thing, if such presumption does not contradict the nature of the thing or defect. The Customer undertakes to notify the Seller of the non-conformity of the goods within 2 months of its discovery, ie to file a complaint.

4.2. It is advisable for the client to file a complaint by e-mail to info@blackpepper.ee or the Customer's name and contact details, the date of filing of the complaint, the lack of the goods and the content of the claim to be submitted, and to attach a document certifying the purchase.

4.3. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage or any other consequences arising from incorrect information provided by the Customer upon performance of the order, including delay in delivery, if this is due to circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

4.4. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage caused by the unintended use of the ordered goods.

4.5. Disputes between the seller and the customer will be resolved by the parties through negotiations. If the agreement is not reached, the client has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board (Rahohtu 2 Tallinn 10130, http://www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee) and the Consumer Disputes Committee (Rahohtu 2 Tallinn 10130, http://www.kission.ee) for the extra-judicial settlement of the dispute or to the Harju County Court. In addition, the European Union electronic platform (Online Dispute Resolution) at http://ec.europa.eu/odr is available to address complaints to all customers with open e-traders.